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Dosing & weighing systems

The quality of your mixed feed essentially depends on the accuracy of the dosing and weighing of the ingredients in your recipe. Our solutions are designed to feed and proportion each ingredient with the high precision you need.

Batch scale

Matched with the batch size, our scales come in various capacities and designs like circular, square or rectangular. The electronic load cells ensure an exact weighing result.

Silo scale

Our silo scale is an automatic, discontinuous, totalizing hopper scale without any jacketing. It can be used as an intake, transfer or loading scale for various products. It meets the international OIML R107 guidelines regarding accuracy, resolution and explosion protection.

Micro-dosing system

Our micro-dosing system is designed to proportion and feed essential ingredients such as vitamins, additives and trace elements into your animal feed with high precision, achieving a dosing and weighing accuracy of 0.1% of scale capacity.

Rotary bin discharger

The rotary bin discharger is designed to discharge mealy or granular bulk materials from storage bins and hoppers to downstream processing machinery and scales.

Double vane flap

The double vane flaps discharge free-flowing bulk materials from storage bins, scales, and hoppers and feed materials to mixers. Their optimized design ensures low material residues, which effectively prevents cross-contamination.

Slide plate discharger

This slide plate discharger, operated by pneumatic cylinder, has been especially developed for large capacity bins and elevators. Its smart design allows it to be used also for products which are non-free-flowing.

Screw feeder

The screw feeder can be used for high-precision volumetric proportioning or for feeding material at a controlled rate to a gravimetric system.


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