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Automatic palletizers

We integrate all types of palletizers. Currently on the market there are three different systems of palletizing aimed at different sectors and products:

The Cartesian axis palletizer is focused towards low and medium productions, being the cheapest option.

The anthropomorphic palletizer, because it is an open and flexible system, fully configurable and adaptable to the present requirements as well as the future projects or modifications, is the most established choice in recent times.

Say that a palletizer it is better than another is very bold assertion: product, cadence, or dimensions of the line are some of the elements that will define the most appropriate palletizer.

The robot palletizer MF-SMART has been designed for the movimentation for medium productions (up to 700 units/hour) and to work efficiently in limited spaces.

The movimentation on the X, Y, Z and R axes with an interpolation system between the 4 axes reduces the route.

The combination between the high reliability and speed of the brushless motors and the strong steel structure, allows the fast processing of loads up to 50 kilos per cycle together with a high precision of the movement.

The automatic loading of empty pallets and their removal at the end of the cycle make your work easy, reducing user’s interventions and increasing production.

The Robot MF SMART can work with several picking heads.

The machine is complete with “parachute” system and anticollision system installed on the picking head.


  • Bag clamp
  • Cardboxes clamp
  • undles clamp


  • Empty pallet picking device
  • Carboard sheet picking device
  • Picking system by vacuum unit

“Touch Screen” control panel with an alphanumeric display screen having the following functions:

  • emergency alarm
  • function programmable
  • program change option
  • counter reset
  • full machine control from one position





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