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Pallet Wrappers

  • Semiautomatic turntable wrappers. Configurable to adapt to any type of load.
  • Semiautomatic turntable wrappers. For light loads and hand pallet truck loads.
  • Semiautomatic turntable wrappers for front or 90º side loading by forklifts. For light loads and hand pallet truck loads.
  • Semiautomatic rotating arm wrappers. Recommended for very heavy or unstable loads.
  • Forklift pallet wrappers. Recommended for moveable loads and for wrapping in the location you need.
  • Robotic strech wrappers. Configurable to adapt to any type of load.
  • Intelligent X1 standard pallet wrapping machine for safe and economical use.
  • Improve pallet wrapping efficiency.
  • Reduce the cost of packaging.
  • Avoid damage to the goods during transportation.

300% pre-stretch rate

The pre-stretch function makes film even and transparent. Makes QR code scanning more easily. 300% prep-stretch rate helps save 30% film cost.

LCD touch operating system

Intuitive, easy to understand, has nothing to do with language and skills.

Automatic grip system

Millions of goods falling accidents happen annually resulting in hundreds of millions of rework costs and waste. Automatic rope technology can roll up a circle of film rope and attach it to the tray to hold the goods ensures that your goods will not slide out.

Automatic cut film function

Smart wasp X1 pallet wrapping machine can cut film after finishing wrapping, no need operator to cut film by hand. More convenient.

Safety device

Safety device under film carriage can be protect the head of the operator.

Alarm system

During the operation of the equipment, when need to adjust, the automatic alarm, in order to remind staff in a timely manner.

SIEMENS control system

Better spare parts, better products.

Anti-dropping system

Automatic detection of belt loose or falling off. If there is anything wrong, anti-dropping device locks film carriage immediately, Accidents like film carriage falling down will not happen.






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