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BONAROS S.A. origins lie in 1996, when George Bonaros started to work in industrial weighing & packaging of food and agricultural products in Greece.

In order to satisfy the constant demands of our customers, in 2010 we expanded our field of activity in order to develop the equipment in Industrial Weighing and Packaging.

The product portfolio of BONAROS S.A. in the Food Industry includes automatic or manual weighing machines, labels, graders, dosing machines as well as VFFS packaging machines, Tray sealers, Thermoforming, Flowpack, metal detection, cartoning and palletizing.

Over the next few years, we continued to evolve following the changing market needs.

In 2013, we once again made the overturning of the market, producing the first Greek and fully automatic weighing-packaging-sewing machine for flour and seeds, the BLF-300.

In the industry, the latest developments focus on enhancing the performance of the equipment and making it more user-friendly by making it more interactive (touch screens, larger graphics, information management through graphics, statistics, etc.). All these efforts have resulted in the creation of a new product range in 2015.

Today at BONAROS S.A. we work to provide better solutions for weighing, packaging and processing food in the areas of Industry and Commerce.

As a result, more and more companies rely on quality work and reliable machines.

The extensive experience in the food sector ensures our presence in many leading companies from the meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetable, bakery and canning industries.

We offer customized machinery and facilities to our customers that consist of modern electronically controlled equipment and process control equipment, using state-of-the-art technology.

The know-how of our technicians ensures that all equipment can be easily completed by implementing our customers' IT and ERP systems, controlling production even in real time, which is important for food companies with remote access service.

Our "After Sales" policy emphasizes the importance of our customers and their business needs.

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